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At Coral Edge Adventures it is our goal and honor to help each and every diver. Whether you are a new diver, tech diver, or experienced diver we will strive to assist you in any way we can. Coral Edge Adventures LLC opened because we had a passion and dream to bring the joy of diving to our community. We also wanted to bring about a sport that can be enjoyed individually, entire families as well as groups of friends. It is our privilege to start you out on a lifelong adventure that will take you to places only dreamed of.   At Coral Edge Adventures, our focus is on providing fun, safe, and affordable SCUBA training, dive equipment services, retail inventory, and dive travel adventures that will be reflected upon the rest of your life!

We are here to provide the dive community with a large and diverse array of dive equipment, and services for that equipment. We strive to provide the consumer with the most complete and accurate knowledge about the gear they purchase.

On a more personal note Coral Edge Adventures was started to feed our passion for SCUBA diving, and teaching SCUBA. We are committed to protecting the worlds ocean ecosystems, and aquatic life.

Coral Edge Adventures staff are certified in the following agencies:


Joe Murray - IT
 Joe Murray
 Nate Leazer
 Joe Murray
 Joe Murray 
 Joe Murray 
 Joe Murray - IT
Jim Murray    Joe Murray 
 Joe Murray 
Jim Murray - IT
 Jim Murray 
Jon Kaminski Jim Murray 
Jim Murray 
Jim Murray  
Jim Murray  - IT
Kevin Leuenberger Jim Murray  
Jim Murray 
Ron Avery 
Kathy Avery                   



CEA Staff

 Scuba Instructor    Joe Murray
   Owner / Instructor

  IANTD - 8343
  TDI/SDI/CPROx1stAED - 12273
  PADI - 196379
  EFR - 196379
  NAUI - 57061
  SSI - 71440

Joe is an organic chemist by trade and has also worked in the coral reef research field for several years as a scientific diver.  In June of 2000, Joe began diving and quickly became hooked.  He achieved his advanced certifications through Master Diver by the end of 2001 and after enjoying being under the waves for a few years, he obtained his Divemaster certification in 2005 and continued to work as a "teaching" Divemaster.  In 2006 Joe went through the Instructor Development Course in Florida to obtain his Open Water Scuba Instructor rating  and in 2007 became a PADI MSDT.  Joe is also an avid rebreather diver and is an instructor for the the rEVO CCR, the Hollis Prism 2 CCR, and the Hollis Explorer SCR.  

Joe's dive travels have taken him to reef areas in South Florida, throughout the Caribbean,  Palau, Micronesia, and Raja Ampat-Indonesia.  Joe is an avid UW photographer / videographer, and is always ready to dive into the world's oceans to capture a few more candid pics of the oceans' inhabitants
  Jim Murray 
   Owner / Instructor/ Instructor Trainer

  IANTD - 8344
  DAN -IT- 15001
  PADI - 177514
  EFR - 177514
SSI - 71635
  NAUI -  IT- 57060

Jim recently retired  as a research marine ecologist and scientific diver for the USGS. His  research focus included ecosystem history and restoration issues in South Florida and coral reef research in Everglades National Park and surrounding areas of southern Florida. Jim has been a PADI MSDT since 2003 and in 2007 became a SDI/TDI Instructor. He is a Dive Safety Officer for both the USGS and the American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS) and is a certified Scientific Diver with both agencies. Jim is an avid rebreather diver and is an instructor for the the rEVO CCR, the Hollis Prism 2 CCR, and the Hollis Explorer SCR.     

Jim has a strong passion for reef preservation and restoration and brings this passion and energy to Coral Edge Adventures, coordinating efforts to help with reef clean-up, water quality improvements and ongoing restoration efforts in the marine systems of South Florida and Chesapeake Bay areas.
  Nathan Leazer 
Freediving Instructor
  SDI - 19089
  ERDI - 19089
  PADI - 333347
  DAN - 2348953

  EMT-B - B012315312

Nate began diving in 2007 while in college.  He is a Police Officer with a local agency, where he is a member of his agencies underwater search & recovery unit; additionally Nate is a state certified EMT.

Nate obtained professional certifications with several agencies: SDI, PADI and DAN.  In addition, Nate was one of Coral Edge Adventures first trained SDI Solo Diver.  He is currently working towards advancing his instructor certifications; and exploring Tech Diving and Freediving.

Nate is continually dedicated to expanding his training and education.
  Kevin Leuenberger 

 NAUI - 14472
 SDI - 17530
 DEMP - 2347423

Kevin has been diving for over 23 years, after getting certified while in college (no, it was not for an underwater basket-weaving class), and developed a life-long love of the ocean. Kevin became a NAUI instructor in 1992, and has taught in South Carolina, California and Virginia. In 2012, He also became an SDI Instructor. His goal is to continue to learn new things about the dive business, and to become CCR certified.

One of Kevin's major projects has been to grow his own dive buddies (as you can see in the picture, it's working!). When not working at his day job to pay for scuba gear for himself and his two dive buddies, you can find him instilling his passion for diving and the oceans to new scuba divers at CEA, and trying not to buy more toys.
  Ron Avery 

  SDI - 
    SSI -

  Kathy Avery 

  SDI -  20302
    SSI - 71636

Kathleen Avery has been a recreational diver and has been diving with her dive buddy, Ron Avery since 2005. She became a Rescue Diver and a Professional Dive Master with Coral Edge in 2014. Kathy has been a special education teacher for 12 years and works for the Prince William County School System. Her passion for helping others and scuba diving is also the reason why she wants to eventually become a Scubility Instructor with Coral Edge in order to teach adults with disabilities how to scuba dive. She has experience with over 200 ocean dives including wreck, deep, and cenote cave diving. Another favorite activity that Kathy pursues with scuba diving is underwater photography.

  Jon Kaminski 

  SDI -19461
  ERDI -19461
  Melissa Sutton 

  SDI -
  PADI -

Melissa joined Coral Edge Adventures team to help with their development and pursue her SCUBA career. She obtained her Open Water Diver certification in 2006, Divemaster in 2014 and is currently working to become an Instructor. 

Melissa is a world traveler, very adventurous, an avid photographer, and has a passion for all nature and its preservation (especially the underwater world). She has found herself exploring the sea life of Nassau, Bahamas, Palau, Florida, Dominica and Guadalupe. When not blowing bubbles underwater she enjoys photography, traveling, wakeboarding, swimming, camping, hiking and many other outdoor activities. You can read about her adventures in her blog.

  Rob Knuth 

  SDI -
  PADI -

Rob was Open Water certified in 1994 in Okinawa, Japan while in the Marines.  This Marine still enjoys the challenge of learning new skills and is currently pursuing his Instructor Certification.  Rob expects to use his new skills and experience to help guide him to a retirement location where he will enjoy the open water on a daily basis.  In the interim, Rob is enjoying the interaction with dive students and the CEA staff.  Keeping it simple, safe, and fun is Rob's approach to diving.

Aside from working and diving, Rob enjoys riding motorcycles, playing the drums, hiking, camping, golfing, and relaxing by the BBQ while smoking a few slabs of ribs.  "I am not one to sit around and wait for the next reality TV show.  I belive reality is getting in the water and experiencing something new and exciting".  Rob, along with CEA, invites all adventure seekers to get into diving and experience what our Earth's waters have to offer. 

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