Rebreather Training


Coral Edge Adventures provides CCR and eSCR Rebreather Training through TDI and IANTD.

Upcoming Course Sessions: Our Calendar is updated with our currently scheduled courses including Discover CCR.

What is CCR and eSCR? 
Closed Circuit Rebreather and electronic Semi Closed Rebreather 

Why dive a Rebreather? 
Diving a rebreather provides more dive time, extends your no-decompression time and allows for shorter decompression schedules.  Rebreather diving is more comfortable to breathe due to the warm, moist air making your dive experience more enjoyable.  A certified rebreather diver is able to explore more dive environments that open circuit won't suffice, such as caves and wrecks. 

Come in and speak with us about the latest technology in CCR and eSCR Rebreathers and what it takes to become a rebreather diver. 


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